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About Us

Incepted in the 1990's, Kotlay Safety Enterprises is a distinguished  supplier and service provider of personal protective equipment includes Safety Uniform, Safety Mask, Safety Gloves, Safety Shoes, Fire Extinguisher,  Safety Apparel, Safety Belt and Road Safety Equipments and many more products and services. We endeavour to deliver new safety products. 

We always had a challanges from our competitors Bata, Askari shoes, Servis, Hacsons and we try our best and hope this competition to remain and we all keep giving the best products in the market. 


Now a day, life has become a challenge and we need to be at our best to excel in our respective fields. People often struggle to strike a fine balance between work and life. Hectic schedules at workplace have become a pattern of life. This can lead to lot of health problems as they ignore their health and safety under the continuous work pressures and targets. Ultimately, this will not only affect the economy for a particular family but also mar the professional growth of the company as they fall ill or get injured in the process.Even a country cannot progress without healthy people who are not concerned about their safety on job.


Our safety products bring the level of protection for the ones interacting through intense and hazardous work.